The Association was registered in 2002. Today it is the largest and the most active regional association in the field of small and medium business in Russia. The members of the Association are mainly legal entities.

The mission of the Association is as follows:
— guided by the principles of freedom, honesty, love and responsibility positively develop the members of the Association and the whole society in order to achieve economic well-being, security and high spirituality.

The Association actively participates in the economic and public life of the Republic, including preparation and implementation of the most important legislative initiatives influencing the development of the business.

The strategic goal of the Association is rendering of the wide assistance to the enterprises of small and medium business in the course of their activities, as well as the satisfaction of their needs for security, communication, self-realization and spiritual development.
Although the members of the Association are small and medium business operators, the organization also actively works and collaborates with many important companies.

At present more than 200 companies are members of the Association and more than 1000 companies are its partners. Entering into this organization is possible only on the recommendation as the Association values very much its status and image.

The Association cooperates with almost all Ministries and departments of the Republic, as well as with financial institutions, the Chamber of Commerce, national organizations «Business Russia» and «OPORA ROSSII».

Representatives of the Association are located in many regions and cities of Tatarstan. The Association largely cooperates with regions of Russia and foreign countries. There are representations in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Far East, in Karachay-Cherkess Republic, in Tyumen region and in other regions. Foreign representative offices are located in France, Belgium, the USA and in the majority of CIS countries.

With the purpose to consolidate its members, the Association organizes meetings, presentations, parties, picnics and other corporative actions, where participants often become partners and friends. Every year in the framework of The Day of entrepreneur celebration, the Association organizes cycling marathons across cities and districts of the Republic.

Since October 2010, weekly business lunches are organized in which dozens of top managers of companies participate willingly.
Due to the constantly increasing database of electronic addresses of the Association members and of its partners, a regular e‑mailing of informational materials on entrepreneurship support is organized. It helps, undoubtedly, the business development.

The Association often organizes conferences, seminars and meetings and its members actively participate in various city and republican conferences, seminars and meetings. The members of the Association constitute different commissions and expert councils. In its ranks there are members of the Public Chamber and deputies of different levels.

The Association unites not only active heads of enterprises but also those far-sighted, sociable and honest, and what is more important, those striving for intellectual, cultural and spiritual development.

The history of the Association is very rich, this short information is only a small part of what it could be written and told about this organization.

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