"Earn well, doing good!" is one of the main principles of the company "Tentorium" well-known both in Russia and abroad. "Tentorium" is a dynamically developing company; it started activities in 1990 as a R&D agricultural enterprise specialized in production and processing of natural apiculture and phytogenic products.

The founder and President of the company is Ra'il Khismatullin, full member of the International Academy of Sciences (apiotherapy and beekeeping), academician, Chairman of the Euro-Asian Union "Api-Ecology" Executive Committee, Kapitsa and Lomonosov medals laureate. He is an experienced scientist, a businessman who could bring the company the world-wide renown in a short time. Such a rapid success is determined by many factors.

But the most important is that "Tentorium" offers consumers products made only of natural raw materials, such as honey, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, pollen etc... Different compositions of these components, clear and detailed description of their useful properties for human health and beauty, convenient and aesthetically pleasing package and acceptable price made "Tentorium" 's products highly attractive both in our country and abroad. Beekeeping, in general, and of honey's benefit for the human immune system, in particular, has been known in Russia long since, but the use of honey was limited by its simple consumption. Highly qualified specialists of "Tentorium", mastering modern processing and extraction technologies, managed to create products containing the total complex of vitamins and trace elements, all what nature embedded into bee-staple. The company's products are also widely used in the cosmetic industry. These are creams, balsams and other products which acquired world-wide reputation.

D. A. Medvedev, speaking at a meeting of the First national Congress of doctors of the Russian Federation, expressed great concern on the considerable gap existing between regions in health care services and life expectancy; he cited figures which vary widely across the country. Listing the key tasks to be solved in near future among other measures, the Russian Government Prime-minister said: «a special importance should be attached to the high-tech medicine (we all understand it), to the development and introduction of innovative products. Modern medical technologies, simulation centers, telemedicine open up possibilities for the treatment of very complex pathologies, for the production of drugs, for the life expectancy increasing».
In this regard, the company "Tentorium" works in the most promising market — the market of health which has no international borders and year after year becomes more and more attractive and significant.

Today "Tentorium" is a large holding comprising a number of enterprises which possess modern multi-field production units, research laboratories, marketing and distribution departments, recreation centers, forwarding departments...


After the establishment of partnership with leading specialists in the field of direct sales, "Tentorium" elaborated an effective marketing plan which helped the company to reach a new qualitative level of development and to increase significantly its part on the market of health.

The company's marketing strategy is centralized and coordinated by the head office situated in Perm — the native land of the holding. This strategy is based on the following basic principles:

— Getting as many people as possible acquainted with the uniqueness and the high quality of company's products helping to improve health;

— Giving to all who want the chance to achieve material welfare and a higher standard of living by means of the assistance in the organization of own business in cooperation with the company "Tentorium";

— Complete fulfillment of obligations towards company's products distributors and granting them discounts for the organization of the marketing and company's products promotion as well as for the development of the commercial network in accordance with the "Tentorium" marketing plan.


The products of the company "Tentorium" are winners of prestigious awards:

Two bronze medals of the World exhibition "API-EXPO1999" and 'API-EXPO 2001' — XXXVI and XXXVII Congresses of the International Federation of beekeeping communities "APIMONDIA" (Vancouver, Canada and Durban, RSA) in the nominations "Advertising and packaging" and "Books and CDs on beekeeping"

Two gold medals of the World exhibition "API-EXPO 200" — XXXVII Congress of International Federation of beekeeping communities "APIMONDIA" (Durban, RSA) in the nominations "Large stand" and "Advertising and packaging".

Silver medal of the World exhibition "API-EXPO 2001" — XXXVII Congress of the International Federation of beekeeping communities "APIMONDIA" (Durban, RSA) in the nomination "New products of apiculture".

Gold medal of the World exhibition "API-EXPO 2003" — XXXVIII Congress of the International Federation of beekeeping communities "APIMONDIA" (Ljubljana, Slovenia) in the category "Beekeeping Collection".

Gold medal of the Association for assistance to the industry. Nomination "For dynamic development and high quality of services".

Golden medal "For effective management and creative approach in the field of strategic management".

Gold medal Ekaterina Dashkova of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "For special contribution to the adaptation of women in the modern society".

Gold medal of the World exhibition «API-EXPO 2005» — XXXIX Congress of the International Federation of beekeeping communities «APIMONDIA» (Dublin, Ireland) in the category «Collection of production based on beekeeping products».
Prize "European standard" of the Berlin expert Institute, the European public Commission, the Institute of European integration under the Council of Europe.

Personal certificate "Manager of the European level".

Silver medal "National Patrimony of the Public Fund "Sponsors of the century".

Napoleon Gold medal of the International Association for assistance to the industry.

Prize "Social partnership" of the Institute of European integration under the Council of Europe for the high social responsibility in business practices of the enterprise.

Gold medal of the World exhibition «API-EXPO 2007» — XL Congress of the international Federation of beekeeping communities «APIMONDIA» (Melbourne, Australia) in the category «Food & packaging» for the presented collection «Live drinks of "Tentorium", a complex system of products for the care of the buccal cavity.

Gold medal of the World exhibition «API-EXPO 2007» — XL Congress of the International Federation of beekeeping communities «APIMONDIA» (Melbourne, Australia) for the anthem of the Congress «APIMONDIA‑2007».

Silver medal of the World exhibition «API-EXPO 2007» — XL Congress of the International Federation of beekeeping communities «APIMONDIA» (Melbourne, Australia) in the category « Beekeeping Collection» — for the musical composition «Singing "Tentorium".

Silver medal of the World exhibition «API-EXPO 2007» — XL Congress of the International Federation of beekeeping communities «APIMONDIA» (Melbourne, Australia) in the category «Technical inventions in the field of beekeeping» — the Company "Tentorium" supported and presented the technology of beebread obtaining elaborated by the scientists of the Ryazan Academy of agriculture.

The certificate of the highest appraisal — for the series of photographs «the Great Russian bee» and others.


A significant event in the history of the company "Tentorium" took place recently — a unique modern Apiculture Complex was inaugurated in Perm. A rough field with some old abandoned buildings had stretched in this place before. Within three years everything has changed. Now a newly constructed plant occupies an area of 6000 sq. m., including 3880 sq. m. of production facilities. Design, engineering and installation works were carried out by the well-known German company «Ruland Engineering & Consulting». The total cost of the project amounted to 645 million roubles. The actual range of products includes more than 200 items. The company processes nearly 350 t of beekeeping materials per year and among them: honey (230,8 t), wax (24,9 t), pollen (37.8 t), propolis (45.6 t), royal jelly (200 kg).

The construction of the Api-Complex is an important event not only for the company "Tentorium" but also for all countries where its products are known and appreciated.

«The Api-Complex will permit to increase the part of unique high-quality products on Russian and international markets of health and will contribute to active development of beekeeping in Russia, — says the President and the Founder of the company "Tentorium" Ra'il Khismatullin. — Special unique equipment was designed and fabricated in Germany for the Api-Complex. This equipment will allow a gentle processing of raw materials. I am sure, the Api-Complex will become the most sophisticated and large-scale complex of beekeeping products' processing both in our country and abroad».

The new production unit conforms to all international quality standards and requirements. It is pleasant to mention that the day of the new Api-Complex starting up coincided with the International bees' protection day, initiated a few years ago by the President of the company Ra'il Khismatullin.

Discover the world of "Tentorium"!

By Alla Chotcheva


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