The year 2013 is the double jubilee year of the Karachay-Cherkes State University: it was founded 75 years ago and 10 years ago it was raised to the rank of classical state university.

The future of any people, any society and any country depends on its capacity to develop, on the ability of the population to accumulate and multiply knowledge, to put the knowledge into minds of the younger generation which directly determines the future and, on the whole, the prospects of the mankind existence. That is why education represents the factor of primary significance in the life of any civilization. All civilized nations attach a great importance to those educational institutions which earn glory to their countries, mark scientific achievements and contribute to the development of scientific thought. Sorbonne in France, Harvard in the United States of America, Cambridge University in Great Britain, Moscow Lomonosov University in Russia… — here are the examples of planetary scale.
But there are other universities which are of an undoubted worth for their own regions and local population, for the preservation and expanding of the cultural heritage, even if these universities have no large history, world-famous names of scientists or other attributes of brand universities.
In Karachay-Cherkes Republic, the educational institution of this kind is, indeed, KChSU — U. Aliev Karachay-Cherkes State University, the oldest in the region.
In 2013 the Karachay-Cherkes University celebrates a double jubilee: it was founded 75 years ago and 10 years ago it was raised to the rank of classical state university.
As a matter of fact, the University has a rather complicated history. On October 1st, 1938 in the town of Mikoyan-Shahar of the Karachay Autonomous region (now the city of Karachaevsk), a two-year teachers` training college was opened by the Decree of the Council of people’s Commissars of the Russian Soviet Federation of Socialist Republics. The purpose was to train teachers for national secondary schools of Karachay and Cherkes Autonomous region. This date is considered to be the day of foundation of the University, as it is on the basis of this teachers’ college that the Karachay-Cherkes pedagogical Institute was created on September 1st, 1940. Initially, the Institute had only two departments: one of philology and the other of physics and mathematics.
At that time, Karachaevsk was the unique city on the territory of the modern Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, that’s why the first pedagogical institute was opened here. In August 1942, when the territory of Karachay was occupied by Nazi troops, the Institute suspended its activities. After the liberation of the region, the Institute reopened its doors on March 1, 1943.
However, this revival turned out to be very brief…
The destiny of the University is inextricably intertwined with the fate of the Karachay people having undergone in 40's –50's of the last century one of the worst, if it is not the worst, chapters in its history.
On November 2, 1943, the Karachay Autonomous region was illegally abolished and the whole Karachay population was deported by force to Kazakhstan and to other republics of Central Asia. And, of course, the Karachay-Cherkes teachers` training Institute was liquidated. All the didactic equipment, educational and methodological materials worked out by the staff were given to the neighbour Pyatigorsk pedagogical Institute.
14 years later, the Karachay people returned to the native land, and the Institute was restored and on October 1st, 1957 it restarted activities.
Step by step, the University developed and strengthened its position. New departments were opened: in 1967 — the Department of graphic arts and the Department of physical education, in 1979 — the Department of pedagogy and primary education, in 1987 — the Department of history, in 1991 — the Department of musical pedagogy, in 1992 — the department of natural sciences and geography.
The nineties of the last century went down in history of our country as the years of so-called «parade of sovereignties». Today, this phrase is pronounced with a bit of sarcasm. However, at that time the staff of the Karachay-Cherkes State Pedagogical Institute (KChSPI) decided that a small proportion of «sovereignty» will be really beneficial to one of the leading universities of the Republic. It was clear to everyone that the Institute has outgrown the established limits long ago. Thus, in 1994, the Karachay-Cherkes State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into the Pedagogical University. It defined a new strategy in its educational and scientific activities. Several years later, in 2002, a new Department of Psychology was created.
The year 1996 marked a new page of the University’s history: a representation office was opened in the city of Kropotkin (Krasnodar region), which was transformed in 1998 into the branch of the university.
The new status gave an additional impulse to the development of the University, favoured the increasing of the team`s self-confidence and evoked the desire to attain a higher level in all areas of activities.
By 2003 the potential of the University had already been in full compliance with the qualifying standards of a classical institution of higher education. The desire of the staff to conquer new peaks was supported by the government — Pedagogical University became State University and will celebrate today the first decade of this classical status holding.
In 2006, the University was named in honor of the outstanding scientist, educator and statesman Umar Djashuevich Aliev. This remarkable personality possessed all qualities of a born leader able to be in the forefront of events. The fact that the name of such a prominent person was given to an educational establishment marks the immense responsibility that was conferred on all the staff and especially on the managers. Over all the time of the KChSU existence, rectors paid great attention to the issues of its development, territorial and structural expansion, strengthening of the material base, formation of a highly qualified teaching staff, creation of scientific schools and to many other things. The contribution made to the formation and the development of the University in different years by the following rectors can scarcely be overestimated: Ivan Georgievich Leonov (1940), Ivan Mikhailovich Tkachev, Hamid Orazovitch Laipanov (since 1957), Aubekir Djumukovitch Bauchiev (since 1960), Umar Bablashevitch Aliev (since 1962), Kurman-Ali Ramazanovitch Kipkeev (sine 1964), Vasily Vasilievitch Plastinin (since 1984), Valery Rachikovitch Bagdasarov (since 1987), Аskerbiy Dagirovitch Koychuev (since 1990). Since 2000, the University has bean headed by the Doctor of Psychology Professor Burhan Nurchukovitch Tambiev. All the rectors applied a lot of efforts to make the University known not only in Karachay-Cherkes Republic, but also far outside it.
Today the KChSU is a modern higher educational institution that meets all modern requirements and complies with the modernization processes taking place in the system of education of the Russian Federation. The University has two institutes — The Institute of Culture and Arts and the Institute of Philology, eight departments — of Physics and mathematics, of Physical culture, of Pedagogics and primary education, of History, of Natural geography, of Psychology, of Economics and management, of Professional training and retraining and one branch in the city of Kropotkin.
The University trains more than 6 000 full-time and correspondent students. 500 lecturers and academics work at 42 specialized chairs and 40 of them have Doctor degree and Professor titles. They represent the most considerable intellectual potential of the Republic.
In 1993, the University opened its post-graduate school. It`s currently available at 19 chairs teaching on 16 specialties and on 21 scientific school curriculums. 150 post-graduate students and applicants study at postgraduate schools.
Realizing that the University represents the center of education, science and culture of Karachay-Cherkes Republic, the staff of the University closely follows the situation in the region and adjusts its activities in accordance with the lines of regional development. The necessity to open new departments and chairs is always determined by social and economic development of the Republic, by the need to train specialists that the republican economy really requires. Therefore, in 2006 a new Department of economics and management was opened at the University. It will train new generation of managers that the region keenly needs.
At the University a great importance is attached to the scientific research of regional problems.
In this connection, in 2009, two scientific laboratories were created in the KChSU: one — of pedagogical, ethnic and cultural studies in the field of education and the other — of geo-ecological monitoring. In 2010, under the aegis of the UNESCO Secretariat, a UNESCO branch chair was opened at the University for the purpose to organize activities aimed at safeguarding and development Karachay-Cherkessia people’s languages.
Annually, more than a hundred of scientific and practical regional and inter-university science conferences are held in the University; in the past few years nearly 40 international and all-Russian conferences were organized here. The following scientific events became traditional: scientific session of professors and students «Aliev’s readings», Great Cyril and Methodius readings, theoretic and practical conference «Innovative technologies in education and upbringing of schoolchildren» and others.
Other marks of large scientific activities are conferences recently held on the basis of the КChSU: «Russia and Caucasus: history and modernity seen by youth», «Literature of peoples of the North Caucasus: artistic space and dialogue of cultures», «Models of population dynamics and study of biodiversity for sustainable development in mountainous areas» and many others.
In the last five years, professors of the University have participated in different scientific projects (grants) supported by various state and public funds and have won about 120 grants for a total sum exceeding 50 million roubles.
In 2011, U. Aliev Karachay-Cherkes state University passed on the tiered educational system (bachelor degree and magistracy), like the majority of Russian institutions of higher education did after Russia’s accession to the Bologna Declaration. At present the University has the right to conduct educational activities according to 22 programs of bachelor degree, 24 programs of master degree and 31 programs of specialist degree.
All the achievements of the University, its authority in the educational market of the region, training of a huge number of professionals for various fields of regional economy became possible owing to the generations of pedagogical staff realizing the essence of the university existence — training and upbringing of the youth.
This jubilee year, it would be fair to mention those scientists, who have made great contribution to the national science. They are: Doctor of Philology Prof. S.Ya.Baichorov, Doctor of Philology Prof. A. D. Koychuev, Doctor of History Prof. Ch. S. Kulaev, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy Prof. Yu.Ya.Potapenko, Doctor of Geography Prof. V. V. Onishchenko, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Prof. A. B. Shabat, Doctor of Philosophy Prof. K. M. Gojev, Biology PhD Assoc. Prof. A. A. Karavaev, Philology PhD Assoc. Prof. S. M. Akachieva and many others.
The University rightly takes great pride in professors, whose longstanding and conscientious work was awarded with governmental orders and medals and was marked by a number of professional awards. More than a hundred among them have honorary titles: «Honorary worker of education of the USSR», «Excellent worker of education of the Russian Federation», «Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation», «Honorary worker of general education of the Russian Federation», «Honorary worker of education of the KChR», «Honored worker of higher school of the KChR», «Honored worker of science of the KChR », «Honoured teacher of the Russian Federation», «Honored worker of culture of the KChR», «Deserved trainer of the RSFSR», «Honored worker of physical culture of the KChR ».
Located in the multi-ethnic Republic, the University unifies representatives of more than 20 nationalities in an international cohesive team. This is a close-knit family equal to many important tasks that the mission of the University can impose.
Besides training and educating the younger generation, preparing professional personnel, conducting scientific research in many directions, forming scientific schools and public opinion on many regional problems, studying and trying to multiply the historical, cultural heritage of peoples, the University performs another important function — of a city-forming base. The whole infrastructure of Karachaevsk, its development, in one way or another, are connected with the University.
Karachaevsk is a city of youth; its shape is mainly determined by the young people and among them several thousands of KChSU students. Boys and girls from all over the North Caucasus, from various regions of Russia, from nearby or distant abroad, study in the University. In 2008, several young boys and girls came to Karachaevsk from Turkmenistan with the intention to enter the University. The high level of teaching, magnificent nature of Caucasus, hospitability of local residents became reasons of the fact that in the last few years the University has received more than two hundred students from Turkmenistan, which have easily integrated into the students' community. The Institute of Philology hosted students from Poland and the United Kingdom; they studied the Russian language and literature, as well as the Karachay language. The fact that representatives of such different cultures come to study in КChSU clearly shows that the University is gaining international prestige. This is the way in which the international component of the University activities is forming up: new ties with foreign educational institutions are establishing, exchange of students and professors, joint participation in scientific projects are planned…
But, of course, student life is the most interesting aspect in the life of any educational institution. Students of the KchSU live an eventful life; they participate in all activities undertaken by the University.
Such student self-government structures as the Student administrative committee or the Student Council help them to take an active part in the management of the University. Students are also members of academic councils of the University and of its different Departments.
Students have an active stand in life which can be proved by what they do: they meet local celebrities — poets, writers, public and state persons, representatives of mass media, they participate in all republican and municipal significant events.
The teaching staff does not spare efforts to make the students real professionals in the fields of their activities and, moreover, to instill them such moral qualities as responsibility, mercy, not being indifferent to another’s grief. As far back as in the 80's, students organized a team of gratuitous work called «Rainbow». The members of the team transfer all the money they earn during summer practice trainings on the accounts of the republican orphanages. This generous tradition has been kept up carefully till today. Students took republican orphanages under patronage and carry out regular charitable actions to help the children-orphans. For their constant assistance, students of the Department of Pedagogy, of the Institute of Philology, of the Department of Economics receive annual gratitude from  the heads of children’s homes.
Students of the Department of History help the psychiatric hospital patients.
The University has created a detachment of volunteers who assist labour veterans, veterans of the Great Patriotic war, elderly people. Students of the Institute of Culture and Arts, of the Institute of Philology and of the Department of Psychology take an active part in inter-regional event «Caucasian blood donor».
Students of the University are permanent participants of the youth educational forums
(«Caspian», «Mashuk»), of the all-Russia contest «Student leader and the international festival «Youth is the future of Russia».
Of course, student life would not be complete without traditional students’ festivals, sport competitions, different contests and many other cultural events.
Students of the Department of Physical culture regularly participate, win and become prize-winners of various competitions on free-style wrestling, volleyball, basketball, football, karate, judo, athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, arm-wrestling, kick-boxing…
Two graduates from the Department of Physical culture participated in the Olympic Games: Dmitry Vasilenko won the Gold medal in gymnastics in Atlanta, Bashkaev Alibek was the participant of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the graduate from the Department of History Nauruz Temrezov has also participated in the Beijing Olympic Games.
Nowadays there are 11 masters of sports and 12 candidates for mastership studying at the Department of Physical culture.
Student community does not stand aside of the events of state significance. Many of graduates and students of the Institute of Philology work as guide-translators in the framework of Olympic projects in Sochi.
Talented students of the Institute of Culture and Arts together with the teachers annually exhibit their works in the Republican art gallery, they actively participate in a large number of exhibitions and art contests.
There are a lot of bright, not ordinary persons among the students of the University. For many decades, famous TV amateur humor contest «The Smart and the Merry Club» (or KVN in Russian) were and are popular in the University, as well as in all the country and helped talented students to fully self-realize. The University’s KVN team is a recognized leader of regional and Republican festivals. Furthermore, our students are repeated winners of republican contests «Brain-Ring», what demonstrates their intellectual level.
The University takes great pride in the idol of all the generations — the dance group «Shokhluk» which name means friendship. The dancers keep and successfully develop the best traditions of national dance art. «Shokhluk» is a multiple winner of the most prestigious competitions; performing at various festivals in Russia and abroad, the ensemble carries an important cultural message about KChR traditional arts.
Students of the Institute of Culture and Arts created a music group «Ayaz», the repertoire of which includes the best specimens of national, modern and classical music. The musicians of the band are also songwriters; they often sing their own songs.
Generally speaking, all the conditions are created in the University to give the students opportunity to realize their capabilities and interests. For example, students of the historical department can feel the taste of the profession, become familiar with the ancient history and satisfy their curiosity during one of the most interesting and cognitive practice — archaeological. Included in the expeditions of the Institute of archeology RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), the students-historians carry out excavations on the Khumara site which is an ancient settlement, one of the most important and interesting medieval monuments of the European part of Russia. The University has its own Research Centre of Archaeology and Ethnography, which conducts archaeological and ethnographic research and participates in the conservation and protection of monuments on the territory of the Republic.
The unique landscapes of the mountainous republic give wide opportunities for the development of tourism and at the University they know how to gain profit of it. Thus, the mountain climbers` club «Arkhyz» prepares students for admission to the school of KChSU mountain guides, operating within the Chair of tourism and socio-cultural services of the Department of Physical culture. Mountain guides work with tourists arriving in our Republic from all parts of the country.
The student community, as well as the teaching staff, has its backbone what students are really proud of. In accordance with the Decree of the RF Government the most active students of Russian higher educational institutions, having remarkable achievements in social, scientific, cultural and sports activities, as well as excellent academic results, are encouraged by special scholarships. More than 130 students of the KChSU receive this kind of scholarship.
KChSU students are active participants in all the events held by the administration of the city: volunteer acts, meetings, festivals, competitions.
But the conditions created at the University don`t only aim at studies, scientific research or formation of active stand… There are also wide opportunities for physical development and recreation. The University possesses its own health camps «Makhar» and «Teberda», located in the most picturesque corners of the Karachay-Cherkes Republic. In any time of the year these camps host students and professors willing to improve their health condition. Students from other regions of Russia come here to paint in the open air, to hold their sport camps, field practice, etc…
At the University special attention is paid to the patriotic education of young people; the main target of this work is the formation of a respectful attitude to the past of the Fatherland and to national traditions.
Students and professors take care of monuments, help Great Patriotic War veterans, labour veterans, soldiers-internationalists.
On the eve of the anniversary celebrations it would be well-timed to note a reverent attitude of the team towards the history of the University, towards established traditions and to the names of those who have left an indelible trace in the hearts of many generations of students by their contribution to science, by the responsible attitude to the profession, who stood at the origins of the formation and development of the University.
University history knows many famous names: Doctors of Science Professors U. B. Aliev, G. V. Beda, I. I. Mansurov, K. M. Тekeev, MA. Khabicheva, PhD, professors and associate professors Sh.Kh.Akbaev, Kh. K. Bayramkulov, Z.Kh.Bayramkulova, Yu. K. Bedjanov, T. G. Bezgodova, S. A. Bostanov, R. I. Gadjaeva, M. K. Dautov, Kh. E. Dzasejev, O. A. Zagashtokova, E. M. Zaika, A. K. Каgiev, N. M. Kagieva, I. K. Karpenko, E. M. Kemrugova, G. I. Kubanov, R. N. Klychev, I.Kh.Pshibiev, М. F. Sarueva, M. M. Sakiev, A. M. Sakiev, A. A. Suyunchev, N. Т. Таbulova, Z. M. Tambieva, A. M. Uzdenov, O. M. Uzdenov, I.Kh-M. Uruzbiev, Kh.-M. I. Khadjilaev, S. A.-K. Khalilova, R. R. Khalilov, М. А. Khubiev, P. N. Shishkin, P. A. Scherbakov and many others who gave all their knowledge and energy to their University, to the case of young people education and training.
Today the Karachay-Cherkes State University is one of the most dynamically developing universities of the region: new facilities are constructed, new specialties are opened, international co-operation is expanding. But many higher educational institutions of our country, especially those situated far away from big cities, face today a certain kind of difficulties due to objective circumstances impeding their development. Unfortunately, KChSU couldn’t escape them either. These obstacles are the lack of educational premises, poor financial support assigned for scientific research and a lot more other things. But difficulties couldn`t breake the team`s will, but, on the contrary, they strengthened its cohesion and determination to seek for optimal ways of solving these problems.
The year 2013 is not only a KChSU double jubilee year. It is also the 70th anniversary of tragic events — the forced deportation of the Karachay people. The best tribute to the commemoration of these events is the actual status of the University, which carefully preserves its glorious traditions combining them with the innovation and transformations that the modern time requires. Today, the University keeps a firm stand and the multinational team of professors and students look ahead with optimism and confidence.

* * *
The editorial staff of the magazine «Golden Plaza» offers sincere congratulations to the professors and students of U. Aliev Karachay-Cherkes State University on the occasion of forthcoming jubilee celebrations and wishes the University further success in the sphere of education. We are confident that the Karachay-Cherkes State University will continue the honorable mission aimed at intellectual development of new generations for the welfare, development and prosperity of the Karachay-Cherkes Republic and of the whole Russia.

Билял Аппаев
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