Exclusive Interview With the President of the Karate Federation in North Caucasus Federal District Sergey G. Markin

Q.: Sergey Gennadievich, within about three years run out from the creation of the regional karate federation in the North Caucasian Federal District, competitions of such a broad scale are held here for the second time. Moreover, both Russian karate championships were hosted by Kislovodsk. Is it a mere coincidence or a good tradition already established?
S. Markin: Of course, it is not a coincidence. Even in Soviet period of high-sounding titles, only two resort cities — Kislovodsk and Sochi — were proudly named “pearls of Russia”. Furthermore, the largest sports hall in entire Stavropol region is situated here in Kislovodsk, where we have an excellent opportunity to hold our tournaments.
Q.: Vice-Premier of Russia Alexander Khloponin is regularly listed among guests of honor of your tournament. He was even awarded the high title of honorary President of the Federation. What is the reason of this intense interest that Alexander Guennadievitch takes in the Championship?
S. Markin: The fact is that our Karate Federation was created almost in one and the same time the North Caucasian Federal District was formed. A new team of people full of initiative and enthusiasm and led by Alexander Khloponin and his deputy Vladimir Shevtsov came to the region. From the very beginning, the development of sports became the pillar of their youth policy; a special attention was drawn to involve young people in sport activities, to aim their energy at the right course. After all, in the Caucasus where men have always been distinguished by their courage and thirst for sports, karate has a good chance to progress. This was the reason why it was decided to develop martial arts and fighting sports in the region.
Q.: In the North Caucasus, where the population has always highly esteemed martial arts, the creation of the Karate Federation has become a real breakthrough, a kind of «window opened to Europe», I mean the prospects of participation in prestigious international competitions. Where will Russian karate champions go to fight this year?
S. Markin: Indeed, this tournament represents a kind of a stepping stone for our athletes; I hope it will permit them to reach the international level. The winners of previous years fought on tatamis in Hungary; this year the winners will go to the European Championship which will take place in Budapest. But we plan to proceed even further and to organize an annual open international tournament within which participants will contend the North Caucasus Cup of the Russian Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative. Why this long appellation? Because Alexander Khloponin, personally, assists us in our deeds providing financial opportunities to organize championships. And it will also heighten the status of the tournament and attract the attention of other karate federations both from the near and far abroad.
Q.: It is known that karate is planned to be included in the programme of the Olympics 2020 in Russia. However this significant event has been darkened by the Ministry of Sports` refusal to accreditate your Karate Federation of Russia (KFR). And all this, notwithstanding the fact that the KFR unites 55 regional federations and has a 10‑year-long history of activities in the field of development of this sport in our country. Why did your Federation need a second accreditation in 2013?
S. Markin: The point is that on the eve of the Olympics, some political or commercial circles, having scented out the great Olympic future predestined for karate, decided to use this sport to attain their personal profit (along with the KFR-Karate Federation of Russia the demand of accreditation was submitted in the Ministry of Sports by newly created ARKF -All-Russian Karate Federation composed only of five individuals — Our correspondent). But sport dies when it becomes only business. We want to resist it, we do love our sport and don’t want to see it one day torn to pieces. These are origins of this little confrontation. I believe this discrepancy will be resolved positively in our favor.
Q.: How do you appraise the accommodation conditions of athletes in Kislovodsk? Do they drink «narzan» (mineral water of local sources)?
S. Markin: I don’t know if they enjoy «narzan» or not (laughs), but it is a fact that from the first days in Kislovodsk they have been hypersaturated with oxygen. After the first training the guys simply dropped and slept all day long. We have accommodated sportsmen in the Dimitrov sanatorium, which is located in the Park Zone. It is one more advantage considering hours-long trainings.
Q.: How do you see the future of karate in the North Caucasus?
S. Markin: The North Caucasus is a specific region with its own traditions and mentality. We must admit that today there are certain negative phenomena here, such as terrorism and the lack of employment among young people.
To rectify this situation, we need to put right accents, to turn particular attention to what is of a special significance for youth. Today it is sport, in our case it is karate. Sport will play a positive role. By the way, today’s karate national team of Russia is composed at least 30% of the athletes from the North Caucasus. And two of three Russian World Champions on karate are natives of Caucasian republics.
Q.: Sergey Gennadievich, we wish your athletes brilliant victories at international competitions, and your Federation — success and realization of all ideas!
S. Markin: Thank you for the attention you focus on our sport and for the contribution to karate development in our region.
In his interview S. G. Markin mentioned the fact that the due organization of the Russian karate championship in the city of Kislovodsk couldn’t be possible without the sports hall of the Kislovodsk Humanitarian and Technical Institute. This sport facility is the biggest in the Stavropol territory and allows holding great sport events in a very spectacular and comfortable way. In this connection, it would be fair to mention another name, the name of a man thanks to whom this tournament and many other sports competitions in Kislovodsk became possible. We mean the Rector of the Humanitarian and Technical Institute Boris Ramazanovitch Gochiaev.
We met Boris Ramazanovitch in his office and asked him a few questions relating to the policy that the Institute carries on to involve young people to the sport activities and about how often the Institute hosts different sport events. This is what he said:
«The essence of our youth policy consists in definite targeted activities. The proof is our sports hall, the largest not only in Kislovodsk, but also in the entire Stavropol territory. Of course, general reasoning will not give a visible result; only individual approach can be the main tool in forming young people’s inclination for sport or other useful occupations. There must be developed a certain ideology the meaning of which is, first, to arouse among young generation interest in sport in general and then, to afford conditions to practice individually chosen favorite sport …
As for sport events, they are very often held in our institution, and sometimes, without letting me know about them. Students themselves organize competitions between teams of departments or of different years of education. And it makes me very glad…»
1st – 4th, 2013
According to the final Protocol, the participation in the Championship is as follows:
222 athletes from 37 organizations with 70 women and 152 men among them.

Women classification
Weight class up to 50 kg:
Number of participants — 4
1st place: Ponomareva E., IMS, Moscow
2nd place: Rojok E., CSM, Chelyabinsk region
3‑d place: Dron` Yu., CSM Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region and Savitskaya A., SM, Moscow region.
Weight class up to 55 kg:
Number of participants — 16
1st place: Kadzova N., MS, Republic of Alania,
2nd place: Shakirova M., MS, Chelyabinsk region,
3‑d place: Kuznetsova A., CSM, St.Petersburg and Salamova D., CSM, Rep. of Alania
Weight class up to 61 kg:
Number of participants — 13
1st place: Malofeeva A., MS, Tomsk region
2nd place: Golubeva E., MS, Rep. of Tatarstan
3‑d place: Emelianenko O., MS, Orel region and Stepanova O., MS, St.Petersburg
Weight class up to 68 kg:
Number of participants — 7
1st place: Sherozia I., IMS, St. Petersburg
2nd place: Бикбова K., MS, Rep. of Tatarstan
3‑d place: Nikolaeva A., CSM, Moscow and Koroleva I., Chelyabinsk region.
Weight class over 68 kg:
Number of participants — 6
1st place: Kovaleva V., MS, St.Petersburg
2nd place: Zdobnova M., MS, Moscow
3rd place: Yarovaya T., 1st cl., Sverdlovsk region and Yakusheva V., MS, Moscow.

Men classification
Weight class up to 60 kg:
Number of participants — 17
1st place: Murtazaliev M., CSM, Rep. of Dagestan
2nd place: Shomakhov A., CSM, Moscow,
3‑d place: Spitsin S., CSM, Tyumen region and Gubirov B., MS, Rep. of Kabardino-Balkaria
Weight class up to 67 kg:
Number of participants — 27
1st place: Magomedov Sh., CSM, Rep. of Dagestan,
2nd place: Kraynuk V., CSM, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region
3‑d place: Omariev Kh., CSM, Rep. of Dagestan and Теbuev M‑B., MS, Rep. of Kabardino-Balkaria.
Weight class up to 75 kg:
Number of participants — 30
1st place: Vasilov V., MS, Sverdlovsk region
2nd place: Anikin E., MS, Novosibirsk region
3‑d place: Ivanov A., CSM, Tyumen region and Bartsev D., CSM, Saratov region.
Weight class up to 84 kg:
Number of participants — 23
1st place: Аlilov O., IMS, Rep. of Dagestan
2nd place: Aliev A., MS, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region.
3‑d place: Gadzhiev M., IMS, Rep. of Dagestan and Utkov R., CSM, Altai territory.
Weight class up to 84 kg:
Number of participants — 18
1st place: Pshenitsyn A., CSM, Chelyabinsk region
2nd place: Azingareev I., CSM, Chelyabinsk region
3‑d place: Davydov M., CSM, Krasnodar territory and Nakhushev R., MS, Rep. of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Women (number of participants: 5):
1st place: Apanasenko K., CSM, Bolshakova K., CSM, Кolotenkova E., Moscow region
2nd place: Коtliarova O., CSM, Troitskaya I., CSM, Chizhikova E., MS, Novosibirsk region.
3‑d place: Ostrovskaya O., 1st cl., Ruleva E., 1st cl., Tsunevskaya O., MS, Moscow and Berkina I., CSM, Kuznetsova Yu., CSM, Оrekhanova S., CSM, Moscow
Men (number of participants: 8):
1st place: Bakanov N., CSM, Rusanov A., MS, Skovorodnikov E., MS, Moscow region.
2nd place: Оlshannikov M., 2nd cl., Ksenofontov M., MS, Kobzarev V., CSM, Moscow region
3‑d place: Yakoutsenko R., 3d cl., Migunov S., 3d cl., Lizogub A., 1st cl., Krasnoyarsk Territory and Аyrapetian A., CSM, Andreev A., CSM, Zharkov A., MS, Novosibirsk region.
Women (number of participants: 24):
1st place: Коlotenkova E., CSM, Moscow region.
2nd place: Potemkina Yu., CSM, Rep. of Komi
3‑d place: Kuznetsova Yu., CSM, Moscow and Tsunevskaya O., MS, Moscow
Men (number of participants: 27):
1st place: Ksenofontov M., MS, Moscow region
2nd place: Skovorodnikov E., MS, Moscow region
3‑d place: Proskrianov E., MS, St.Petersburg and Belousov E., MS, Moscow.

Women (number of teams: 8):
1st place: Yakusheva V., MS, Nikolaeva A., CSM, Kachanova E., CSM, Zdobnova M., MS, Moscow.
2nd place: Николайченко A., CSM, Malofeeva O., MS, Laskovets L., MS, Finashkina V., CSM, Tambov region
3‑d place: Bikbova K., MS, Golubeva E., MS, Osipova A., CSM, Shabanova G., CSM, Rep. of Tatarstan and Sherozia I., IMS, Stepanova O., MS, Kovaleva V., MS, St.Petersburg
Men (number of teams: 11):
1st place: Makarov S., CSM, Kaplin A., MS, Granovesov I., CSM, Budaev A., MS, Bobrov A., CSM, Anikin E., MS, Shcherban A., CSM, Novosibirsk region
2nd place: Yarotsky A., MS, Spitsin S., CSM, Кraynuk V., CSM, Ivanov A., CSM, Vasilov V., MS, Antonyan A., CSM, Aliev A., MS, Khanty — Mansi Autonomous Region.
3‑d place: Partispanian A., CSM, Оmariev Kh., CSM, Nakhushev R., MS, Magomedov Sh., CSM, Isubutaev R., CSM, Gubirov B., MS, Аbusupianov Sh., CSM, Rep. of Karachay-Cherkessia and Shuayev I., CSM, Теbuev Kh., MS, Murtazaliev M., CSM, Камparov R., MS, Gadzhiev M., IMS, Аlilov O., IMS, Agayev O., CSM, Rep. of Dagestan.

Ася Расулова
By Assia Rasulova


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