To be a woman! To inspire love,
To love and shine with inner light,
To sweetheart, children sacrifice the life —
A noble vocation sent from above!
(L. F. Gorchakova)

The organization «Women of our city»: ten years of creative activity
Every year, on the eve of the International Women’s Day, we talk about women with a particular feeling of gratitude and love, we reason with sympathy that women’s life is not so easy, but at the same time is full of content, we realize that the modern woman can cope with any job, how complex and even hard and unwomanly it would be. But all these considerations fade out, when we think about woman’s main vocation, the great gift sent her from Heavens — to originate a new life, to be Mother.
We are not nowadays surprised that a woman can be a success in work, business, politics or in family. Under this arrangement, the society will be just gainer, because it is the path of development and prosperity. Really, the more opportunities for self-realization a woman has, the more she can offer to her children, to the family. Tomorrow our children will actively participate in the construction and development of Russia. It definitely means that the future of the nation is now in the hands of mothers.
When issues touching spirituality or morality are under consideration, and when they especially concern the close interests of an individual or, say, a specific situation, immediately appear those who want to expatiate on global injustice. Most of them complain that the world is cruel and return the cruelty to the society. But they don’t understand a simple thing that this way of behavior gives rise to even more pain and misery. We sole are responsible for our future and first and foremost we must be conscious of the extent of our responsibility. The strong point, the power of Russia is just the ability to keep its generous soul in all situations open, sometimes completely absurd, and in spite of total depression, to be responsible for what is happening. Russia is a huge country and there are many people in it who love their land, who cannot stay indifferent, who are concerned about their country’s tomorrow, who strive not to grab as much as possible, but to give more and to work tirelessly for the benefit of their Fatherland. Among this people is Larisa Fedorovna Gorchakova — The Woman of Russia of the third Millennium, President of public organization «Women of our city».
The editorial staff of the magazine «Golden Plaza» has got the opportunity to have a talk with Larisa Fedorovna Gorchakova. It turned out to be twofold happy occasion because we met on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the International Women’s day and the day of the 10th anniversary of the public organization «Women of our city», founded and headed by Larisa Fedorovna.
This organization unifies like-minded people and best specialists; their activities prove that the high human thought oriented at good things to do has all-conquering force both on national scale and abroad. Over 10 years of the organization’s existence, many important events were organized; the result of these activities is impressive enough: 52 representative offices opened in Russia and 16 — in CIS and in other countries where our compatriots live: Armenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Canada, France, Malta, Italy, Germany, Finland, Serbia, Turkey.
The sphere of the activities of the organization «Women of our city» embraces besides local problems, issues of international cooperation. Urgent questions are debated at the meetings, round tables; women have the possibility of a direct appeal to the «Women of our city». As a result, the organization accumulates information about those issues that are the most relevant among women, and what is more, the database is really indicative as it reflects real situations. Knowledge is power, and the organization «Women of our city» constantly carries out educational and explanatory work, conducts series of seminars, forums, conferences, round tables, providing the opportunity to consult experts about social problems, with prevalence of legal and psychological aspects.
For those who do not have the opportunity to consult the organization directly, special publications are available, for example, such collections as «Sense of justice Increasing» by Olga Sevostianova, «About gender equality» by Zoya Khotkina. These publications helped many women to defend their rights. Women living outside Russia retain special attention to the organization. It is very important that our compatriots don’t feel abandoned; they must know that they can be assisted in crisis centers creation with further support.
Of course, there are problems of this kind inside the country. Today a number of programs of the public organization «Women of our city» are intended exactly to assist in the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. Funds and resources are allocated to create a network of crisis centers and services which will be appealed to assist victims of family violence. With the purpose of family values strengthening, the organization conducts special trainings for future mothers, consults them on matters of health protection and of safe motherhood.
Besides its direct activities relating to women’s rights and interests protection and expansion, the public organization «Women of our city» programs are also focused on the strengthening of the material and technical resources of the institutions of social service, and include, apart from other things, a systematic monitoring of their activities. We have listed only a small part of the problems, the solution of which the organization «Women of our city» is engaged in.
A separate but not less significant vector of the organization’s activities is the cultural and spiritual education of the youth. In the framework of this work, the all-Russian innovative festival «100 cities of Russia» is annually held in different cities of our country. In 2012, ten thousand participants from 17 regions of Russia could participate in the festival owing to the tireless work of the Department of culture of the organization «Women of our city» and of the head of the Department — Gorelina Maria Nikolaevna. Talented children of different ages and from different social strata, including those from children’s homes and physically handicapped children take part in the festivities. The program of the festival allows the participants and guests to know more about folk arts and crafts, to make familiar with original folk singing and dancing art. The atmosphere of the festival is so friendly, that the sense of total union seizes not only the participants, but also the audience.
From year to year the festival gains strength and spreads widely; it gets involved and unifies continents. Performances are held not only on the territory of Russia, but also in other cities and countries: Czech Republic, Macedonia, Croatia, Malta, it is planned to hold festivals in the United Arab Emirates. Such cultural events are warmly accepted and welcomed by our compatriots living abroad; it’s always a pleasure to hear the native language, national music, to feel pride for rich cultural traditions of Russia, to communicate with the spiritual and beautiful people, thinking about the succession of generations. Today the Russian innovation festival «100 cities of Russia» benefits the governmental support.
The organization «Women of our city» takes an active part in the fruitful cooperation with foreign partners and contributes to the integration of Russian production capacities on foreign markets. Simultaneously, in the framework of different events, the organization takes up activities related to the promotion of the Russian language at the international space and to the positioning of it as an important tool for building an effective understanding between communities, including business matters.
As regards the development of small business, the legal protection of the interests of women-entrepreneurs and the creation of conditions for the formation of the «middle class», the organization «Women of our city» systematically holds a number of events, including the international conference «Women of the XXI century: dialogue without borders». The conference brings together women — leaders, politicians, businesswomen, scientists, heads of public organizations from different regions of Russia, from CIS countries, Baltic, European and Nordic countries, as well as from the United States of America and Asia.
The participants of the conference have the possibility to share experiences in the realization of projects aimed at the development of the international humanitarian cooperation, public diplomacy, to promote the establishment and development of professional and personal contacts. Thus, at the XX international conference the international Sign of public recognition «Silver dove» was unanimously approved by the participants. This award is a form of public promotion of citizens of different countries and of legal entities for their outstanding merits and services to the international community, as well as for assistance in preservation of social, cultural, spiritual and moral traditions of peoples.
An important role in the life of any successful organization belongs to the education and the broadening of its members` knowledge. The federal project «Higher school of leadership» managed by Larisa Fedorovna Gorchakova is its bright example. Just yesterday it was part of the program and today there is a need to transform it into a separate autonomous educational organization. Within 10 years of successful work in the domain of public figures and politicians professional training, many improvements became possible thanks to seminars, lectures and master-classes of the «Higher school of leadership». According to Larisa Fedorovna, the more highly-qualified specialists we have in the government and business, the more opportunities will be provided to the citizens in the form of jobs, high wages and social support.
Now I want to pass on to the facts, which confirm the paradox of the situations and the greatness of the Russian soul. In recent years, the international Day of March 8 has become an occasion to remember the law «on gender equality». For you guidance, Russia is the only country in Europe, where this law has not been adopted since 2003. Therefore, as long as the law has not been adopted, this item is constantly in the program of social activity of the organization «Promotion of women to decision-making levels and protection of women’s interests in politics» and has a special meaning.
In conclusion I’d like to note that Larisa Fedorovna by no means considers all the above mentioned achievements her personal success. She says that this is the result of team work, which includes not only women, but also men making more than 30% of the staff. Owing to the debugged work of the team of like-minded people — women and men, the public organization «Women of our city» celebrates today its first and, God grant, not the last anniversary!
Larisa Fedorovna Gorchakova does not try to prove anything to anyone, asks nothing from anyone, but together with the other members of the organization helps, as she can, those who are in need. She is also proud to be born and to live in Russia, to speak Russian. The main purpose of her activities is to preserve and to transmit the rich cultural heritage of the ancestors to the younger generation, to root herself in the native land, to be closer to the origins and to thank God for giving her strength and support.
Press portrait of the personality
Larisa Fedorovna Gorchakova — President of the regional public organization «Women of our city» assisting in the protection of women’s rights. She is also member of a number of public associations and movements, has extensive practical experience in small business development, in public, political and international activities;
— Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Union of public associations for conservation and development of social, cultural and spiritual traditions of the peoples «Leaders of the world community»;
— member of the Council of the International organization «Compatriots abroad»;
— member of the International Women’s Club «Soroptimistinternational»;
— member of the International Association «Equality and Peace»;
— Chairman of the permanent Organizing Committee of the International conference «Women of the XXI century. The dialogue without borders»;
— member of the Autonomous non-commercial Organization «Bureau for national cinema promotion»;
—  head of Federal and international projects: festivals «100 cities of Russia», «Women of Moscow to women of small towns», «Women’s diplomacy», «Higher School of Leadership»; the festival «Children of Russia to the World»; opening of scientific educational and cultural centers abroad;
—  member of the working group for the preparation of materials to elaborate the draft of the municipal target program on the state support and development of local self-government for the period of 2011–2013 in the city of Moscow;
1999 — candidate for the Russian Federation State Duma;
2005 — candidate for the Moscow City Duma of the 4th convocation, nominated on collected signatures;
2007 — candidate for the Russian Federation State Duma;
2009 — candidate for the Moscow City Duma of the 5th convocation;
assistant of the Deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma;
member of the Union of writers of Moscow region.
For great personal contribution to the building of civil society in Russia, for peacemaking and charity, for active participation in the international women’s movement, for the organization of education, training and advancement in bodies of power, Larisa Fedorovna has gained public recognition, and was awarded with following decorations, titles and commendations:
— the Order of Peter the Great of I degree;
— the Order of Catherine the Great of II degree;
— the medal «For professionalism and business reputation»
— the medal of «St. Andrew»;
— the jubilee medal of the Central Committee of Komsomol;
— the gold medal «Woman-Manager of the Year»;
— the silver medal «Exhibition of National Economy Achievements»;
— the prize and the medal in honor of V. Pikul

Larisa Fedorovna Gorchakova, born on August 25, 1950, in the Far East of Russia, mother of two sons, grandmother and a happy wife.
Life Credo: «Patriotism — Parity — Decency».

Business card of the organization:
Regional public organization for women’s rights protection
«Women of our city»
Office 504/2, build. 15, house 32,
Nizhegorodskaya str., 109029, Moscow, Russia.
Tel.: +7 (495) 670–22–83 Site: http://ojng.ru/

Екатерина Гайнетдинова
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