State radio stations of Kazakhstan “Kazakh radio”, National wavelength “Shalkar”,youth radio “Astana”, radio “Classic”

On September 29th, 1921 the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh ASSR made a decision to create republican radio. The republic-wide broadcasting began in October 1921 from Orenburg, which was the republic's capital at the time. On the 23rd of May 1927 Kazakh language was heard on air for the first time. Today the Kazakh radio is the largest broadcasting network of Kazakhstan, covering large audience not only in the republic, but also abroad.
"Kazakh radio"

"Kazakh radio" is on air around the clock: 24 hours a day. It broadcasts in 8 languages: Kazakh, Russian, German, Korean, Uyghur, Azerbaijani,Tatar, and covers 88.74% of the Kazakhstan's territory.

The priorities of "Kazakh radio" as a national radio are the unbiased coverage of the democratic reformations in the sovereign Kazakhstan, the positive changes in economy, social sphere, and culture.The main objective of the Kazakh radio is creating the image of a new independent nation. Significant emphasis is put on the problem of building a young independent country. And that includes, first of all, the tasks of creating new jobs, developing domestic industry, agriculture, small and medium-sized businesses.

The "Kazakh radio" believes supporting talented youth, accustoming it to the cultural values is crucial. With that in mind,the"Kazakh radio" has organized and hosted the 2nd International festival "Dala dauysy" in 2012. And on the 6th of December 2013 the awarding ceremony for the festival's winners took place.

The performers of the best songs selected by the audience and professional experts performed on the stage of the Central Concert Hall of Astana.
The concept of preparation and holding of the"DALA DAUYSY — 2013" international radio festival.

"Dala Dauysy"is a yearly project created within the framework of the Kazakh song propaganda. At the heart of the festival is the modernity and originality of the Kazakh songs sounding, and their promotion on the international level.

The organizers of the festival:

JSC RTRC"Kazakhstan","Kazakh radio".

Awarding rules:

"Dala dauysy" international festival engages not only composers, poets and arrangers, but also performers.

Requirements for performers:

— Performing Kazakh folk songs, and the songs of folk composers

— Songs of the Kazakh composers of the academic style/arias of Kazakh operas and solo works

— Modern song (variety)

— Different performing manners/traditional, European, academic, variety/different styles/classic, variety, rock, pop, rap, hip-hop etc.

Radio festival's stages are broadcasted on "Kazakh radio"and National wavelength "Shalkar"for five months, from July to November. A gala concert and the awarding ceremony for the winners chosen by the audience are held at the end of the year.

Festival stages:

— An announcement about the beginning of the festival and the participation conditions is made.

— The works that passed auditions are arranged into the top 20 chart. A trailer about every participant and his or her suggested song is made.

These trailers serve for the popularization of a song genre/folk, variety, etc/, and the best of the best are chosen via the audience vote. One can vote for one's favorite song and performer at the website www.kazradio.kz.The"Dala Dauysy" international radio festival is also broadcasted live non-stop for four weeks by the Kazakh radio and the National wavelength"Shalkar".The audience voting results are announced monthly, the listeners observe the selection of the five best finalists.

During the finals a text voting is organized, which determines the best 20 performers to be nominated at the gala concert, where the winners will be awarded a"Dala Dauysy" statuette and a special diploma from the organizers of the festival.
А TV version of "Dala Dauysy"is broadcasted by the national channels "Kazakhstan", "Madeniet", and the regional channels.

The objectives of the radio festival:

— Laying the foundations of the Kazakh spiritual culture on an international level;

— National music and poetry propaganda, involvement of the foreign performers;

— Supporting domestic artists; informational propaganda of the Kazakh compositions;

— Revealing the creative direction of the young generation.

Terms of the competition:

— Both Kazakh and foreign performers can take part in the competition (in various genres);

— Participant has to provide a CV, a discography and 3 photos;

— Only Kazakh songs can be presented at the festival;

— Foreign performers are allowed to present their nation song under the condition of the lyrics being translated into Kazakh language;

— Genre, manner or style of the performance are not restricted in any way, but new ideas in arrangement and sound playback are welcomed;

— Audio CD format is MP3, stereo — 256 kbps. Digitization 48 kHz, the phonogram has to be sent to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

— A characteristic should be included in the attachment together with the trek;

— Every participant will be assigned no more than 5-8 minutes of airtime.

The application process:

The application should include full name of the participant, his or her place of employment, 3 photos and contact information: address/postal code/; telephone numbers and e-mail.

For complete information on the terms of participation in the festival please call:

Astana city: 8 (7172) 55 37 79, 55 33 37 or 87018119947.

Additional information

"DALA DAUYSY" is a yearly project created within the framework of the Kazakh song propaganda. At the heart of the festival is the modernity and originality of the Kazakh songs sounding, and their promotion on the international level. The first closing gala concert"Dala dauysy" was held on the 21st of December 2012 at the concert hall of'Kazmedia center"(Astana city).
A foreign festival participant has to sing a Kazakh song or his or her national song in Kazakh language. The objective is the propaganda of the national musical and poetic language through performing the Kazakh folk songs by foreign artists.

"Dala dauysy" is not only a festival, but also a trustworthy musical hit parade. Millions of people in the "Kazakh radio" audience determine the winner by voting for their favorite song on the Internet. Only the performers who entered the top 5 during the entire 3-4 weeks of the voting are selected for the finals.

"Dala dauysy" includes various manners of Kazakh folk songs' performance. The winners are announced in the following nominations: Folk artist. Academic artist, Variety artist, in addition, the "New names" of the festival are determined in the "Zhana esimder" nomination.

In 2012, the following artists have won the "Dala dauysy" statuette in various nominations:

Kydyrali Bolmanov, Jubanish Jeksenuli, Elmura Janabergenova, Karakat Abil'dina, Dosymjan Tanatarov, Omirkul Ayniyazov.Tanat Mamyrhan, Sergan Musajyn, Clara Tolenbaeva, Aygul' Elshibaeva, Gul'nur Orazymbetova, Allabergen Jaksybaev, Erbolat Kudaybergenov, Bayan Nurmysheva, Saya Esengel'dieva, Kuralay Shayahmetova, the"Taraz" trio, the"Bayterek" band, and, along with the famous performers, Serkan and Zeynap Shahin (Turkey), Halyk Rizabek, Aynur Kajymolla, Beysen Auelhanuli (China), the "Premium" quartet, Gauhar Myrzahmetova, Nurbolat Arzamas, Aliya Abikenova and Manas Biatan were awarded in the "New names" nomination.

National wavelength "Shalkar"

The "Shalkar" radio is an organization department of the"Kazakh radio", broadcasting in the official language.The specialized radio has a history of over 40 years.

Average broadcasting time: 18 hours.

Coverage: 62.04% of the territory of the Kazakh Republic.

The main concept of the "Shalkar" radio is the preservation and development of the spiritual heritage of the Kazakh nation.

Genres: information and analytics, literary and musical, history and educational programs.

"Astana" radio

The "Astana" radio of the Direction of Kazakh radio is the only youth radio, broadcasting professionally in the official (60%) and Russian (40%) languages. Instituted in 1999, it began its broadcasting from the"Kazmedia ortalyghy"on the 1st of October, 2012.

Average broadcasting time: 19 hours.

Coverage: Astana city, the Akmolinsky region, and also broadcasting in the "Otau-TV" system (frequency 40), online via the Internet. The main objectives of the "Astana" radio are: educating the youths in the spirit of patriotism, preserving the national traditions, furthering the preservation of the key values of the Kazakhstan's society (international and interfaith agreement, civil accord and the nation's unity); development and promotion of the national musical culture and the official language; the realization of the key components of the State youth policy; production of Kazakhstan's own quality youth radio broadcasting.

48 original radio programs are aired daily, of 100% domestic production (35% educational, 23% entertainment, 15% informational).

Genres: news, radio conferences, special reports, regular radio features, interactive programs, talk shows, live broadcasts.

Radio "Classic"

Radio "Classic", the first classical music radio station in Kazakhstan, began broadcasting on June 6, 2011, and is a part of the "Kazakhstan" RTRC from January 2013. The radio station's broadcasting is based entirely on the academic music of various genres and national schools.

Average broadcasting time: 19 hours.

Coverage: Almaty city.

The main objectives of the "Classic" radio are: satisfaction of the cultural and esthetical needs of its listeners; providing the audience with free 24-hour access to the best pieces of the musical art created in the past several centuries; supporting domestic artists and composers; making original cultural and educational musical programs.

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