«Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food!» Hippocrates

THE WISDOM of Hippocrates's aphorism «Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food!» is indisputable but today it is so rare to have such situation in real life.

In search of such reality, due to many advises from my acquaintances and friends, we decided to visit a restaurant complex «Kuuanch» that is located in Uchkeken, Karachai-Cherkessia.

To make it precise and to describe symbolic and positive differences in the activity of the complex from other similar enterprises we have met with a director of the restaurant, Aminat Erkenova, and asked her some questions.

Question: Aminat, please, could you tell us about the activity and development concept of your restaurant complex «Kuuanch», and about peculiarities of your cuisine.

Aminat Erkenova: The concept to four complex functioning constitutes several elements. First of all, it has conditions for simultaneous reception and comfortable placement of five hundred guests at once. For this we possess three well-equipped halls with excellent interior, beautiful and high quality tableware. But snowy tablecloths, soft chairs, cleanliness and cosiness — all of these do not mean anything without variety of dishes and delicious cuisine. That is why the second part of our concept, and probably the main one, is taste and quality of dishes which are served to our guests. And it should be noted right away: we use exclusively clean and fresh foodstuff, and guests are offered a wide variety of Caucasian dishes, national Karachai cuisine,Turkish, Asian, Slavic, European ones and etc.

In accordance with international principles of our conception, clients for us are our guests, whom we have to give a hearty welcome, comfortable placement and good food. And we got used to have a lot of guests, even from the near and far abroad because we are situated in immediate proximity to highway Kislovodsk — Dombai of resort region.

Without false modesty, I would like to say that guests love to visit us. This can be seen on clients' mood who, leaving our restaurant, do not spare kind words and some express their feelings in aloud: «There are still left such corners with sincere hearty attitude to clients!». Those who even once visited us, they are eager to come back again and again.

Question: Please, tell us something about the club system of your complex.

AminatErkenova: There is a business club and TV project «Golden Plaza» in the big hall. The international creative team of professionals-like-minded persons conducts here thematic events, range of which is very broad and many-sided. Among these: author's presentations of new books, music albums and other events devoted to cultural-business life of society aimed at preserving universal values, propaganda and strengthening of cultural and business relations and so on.Activities are held very interestingly and informatively. Guests and participants usually represent famous businessmen, poets, journalists, NGO leaders, artists, musicians and sometimes even whole creative groups. The hall also has enough room for interested audience. Besides creative evenings and other activities, we organize and hold, subject to preliminary agreement, family holidays and also any corporate celebrations. We have a team of professionals able to develop any event beautiful and unbelievable. From time to time, we also try to find an opportunity to hold charity activities.

Question: According to your concept you have a very wide field of activity. How do you manage to cope with everything?

AminatErkenova: Frankly speaking, it takes a lot of efforts and time and, moreover, full whole-heartedness. I am deeply persuaded that the comfortable atmosphere cannot be created without sincere attention and respect to a person.

Question: The director's job of such a big restaurant complex surely takes great business qualities. How do you, the mother of many children, manage to combine business and family?

AminatErkenova: Yes, I and my husband have got five children. To be sincere, it is not so easy but I try to find time for everything. Furthermore, the Complex is our family business: my husband leads us and he is not just an idea inspirer but the author and manager for all of our projects.

Question: An active social oriented program could be seen in your wide field of activity, so what are you planning for near-term outlook?

Aminat Erkenova: The fact that I am qualified as a social worker, probably, leaves its mark. In the nearest future we intend to open a new direction of our club — the club of healthy lifestyle. A complex of services will be offered by our professional specialists: health promotion diets, gymnastics in fitness-centers under the guidance of skilled trainers and even Oriental martial arts for the interested.

Question: What would you like to wish to «Golden Plaza» magazine readers?

Aminat Erkenova: While wishing magazine readers good health and mood, I want to offer them by all means to drop into our restaurant complex «Kuuanch» and to appraise delicious and healthy dishes to all tastes, to attend the club of healthy lifestyle and spend their leisure time at our business club among our interesting creative persons.

Restaurant complex «KUUANCH» is a:

•    comfortable rest and planned leisure;

•    dishes to any taste and set menu;

•    use of ecologically pure and fresh products;

•    warm welcome and a high quality service;

•    organization and professional conducting of unbelievable family festivities and corporate celebrations;

•    creative international club of like-minded persons;

•    club of healthy lifestyle and much more.

Мурад Ибрагимов

By Murad Ibragimov


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