The complex and multifactor problem of socioeconomic development of the NCFD republics is of systemic nature. This circumstance requires a search for an innovative methodological solution to this problem. So, for example, based on the transdisciplinary system approach, a complex multifactor problem cannot be solved by identifying only one «primary link», pulling by which will help to draw out the entire chain of problems. In other words, the economic problems of the NCFD republics cannot be solved today only but by the influx of investments, considering this «inflow and its volume» that same «primary link». Solving the problem requires the development of modernization scenarios for the «whole chain» of economic relations and managing mechanisms of these relationships, at once.

The basis of such a scenario is, first and foremost, a scientific rationale of the socio-economic development enclosed in the following components:

—    concepts of socio-economic development of the North Caucasus;

—    socio-economic policy in the NCFD;

—    programs of socio-economic development of the region;

—    innovative charts (substantive Calendar plans) of socio-economic programs to be implemented in the NCFD.

Practice shows that in the NCFD republics preference is given to the socio-economic development programs. It is believed that the remaining components are already automatically present in these programs. As a result, such programs often have internal contradictions. For instance, the socio-economic programs are aimed towards high-tech businesses, science-intensive technologies, as well as unemployment reduction. But that's just high-tech industries and science-intensive technologies involve the labor force ousting, replacing it with industrial robots. As a rule, the Programs do not take into consideration the natural character of the republic's economy (evolutionary or revolutionary, intensive or extensive). The lack of scientific justification of the republican economy predisposition to innovations and also of the calendar duration of this predisposition pushes local leaders and key industries managers to introduce radical innovations, to which republics are not ready for objective reasons. And most importantly, the Programs do not take into account both the endemicity of the republic's economy and the endemicity of the economic relations existing in these mountain and foothill territories. Therefore, the Programs show insufficient effectiveness and are difficult to subject to the scientific risk analysis.

Thereby the first item in the scenario of systemic solving ofthe NCFD socio-economic problems should be created, under the Administration of the North Caucasus Federal district, a «Group (Department) of Conceptual and Methodological Support for socio-economic development of the North Caucasus Federal district», by abbreviation GCMS NCFD. Composed of the employees of concerned ministries and state, as well as researchers in universities and specialized research laboratories, particularly of the North Caucasus

republics, the GCMS could become a key element of the NCFD innovation infrastructure managing its republics'socio-economic development. Taking into account the existing groundwork, the goals and objectives of the GCMS can be developed within very short time. However, today we can already say that they should include:

—    scientific and methodological (systemic and transdisciplinary) support for the development of the concept of medium and long-term process of socio-economic development in the NCFD;

—    scientific and methodological (systemic and transdisciplinary) support for the economic policy of the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus and its republics;

—    scientific and methodological (systemic and transdisciplinary) support for the Program of socio-economic development of the North Caucasian Federal district and its republics;

—    operative development and correction of proposals for active implementation of innovations in management of socio-economic development process in the North Caucasus and its republics.

As is known, the key element that determines the success of the socio-economic development is civilized market. As of the civilized market, apart from its legal and regulatory support, it is necessary to identify and account for endemicity of each market territorial jurisdiction in the framework of systemic scenario of economic relations modernization and of the mechanism of effective management of these relations.This purpose requires the following preparatory activities:

—    to specify and adopt a classification of the NCFD markets by their territorial location (city, district, republican, regional, CIS, foreign markets);

—    to work out thoroughly and to prove scientifically the structure of the internal republican markets belonging to the NCFD territories;

—    to identify the nomenclature of the industrial produce of each republican jurisdiction market by population and corporate consumers (enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, etc);

—    to identify production capacities of the republican markets, as well as stimulants for their continued growth;

—    to determine the nomenclature of the expected or desired industrial produce by republican markets of territorial jurisdiction;

—    identify the nomenclature features of the industrial produce of republican;

—    to develop a list of necessary industrial product and form a consumer basket of food and industrial products of the republican markets.

It was noted that teachers and students showed a great interest in data collection and processing contributing to the formation of republican markets of territorial jurisdiction. Therefore, the involvement of teachers, students and graduate students conducting research activities will greatly assist GCMS NCFD activities and strengthen the public interest in solving socio-economic problems existing in the NCFD republics.

The abovementioned measures will help to identify the main directions of the state support for enterprises, specific sectors for co-financing. All this will allow to avoid the squandering of budgetary funds inherent in these cases.

In parallel to the work on the NCFD civilized market formation (republican markets of

—    to determine the nomenclature of the expected or desired industrial produce by republican markets of territorial jurisdiction;

—    identify the nomenclature features of the industrial produce of republican;

—    to develop a list of necessary industrial product and form a consumer basket of food and industrial products of the republican markets.

In parallel to the work on the NCFD civilized market formation (republican markets of

territorial jurisdiction), more work is needed to create participants fully adapted to new rules. In this case, we are talking about the necessity to form the innovative infrastructure of the republican economy. The innovative infrastructure, in this case, should be understood as the aggregate of units of Science parks, BusinessTraining Centers (or so-called Business-incubators) and the Republican Industrial incubator. Among these units. Science parks and Business incubators are the most known. Their activities are regulated by the Russian and the republican legislation. The idea of the republican industrial incubator formation is used for the first time. The republican industrial incubator should include enterprises of specified competitive ability and technical and technological centers (scheme № 1).

The enterprises of specified competitive ability should become, according to their conception, the benchmark for the enterprises of a civilized market. The term «specified competitive ability» implies that these enterprises are originally

focused on a particular republican market of territorial jurisdiction. Their tasks should include the development of the methods to maintain successful economic activity under the endemicity of the Republican economy.

The idea is that the enterprises of specified competitive ability should become the centers of formation of ideology, culture and psychology of a civilized market. They should create the bearers of this ideology, culture and psychology — young specialists fully adapted to the conditions and requirements of the world market, the demand for which increases many times after Russia joins the world trade organization (WTO). In addition, within the framework of the specified competitive ability enterprises it will be possible to combine the administrative, financial, structural, technological and the market resources of the republics allocated to the development of industry, and to use them most effectively (scheme № 2).

Technical and technological centers are specialized units. Their aim is to provide full service to the industrial enterprises, enterprises of specified competitive ability, small businesses, and individual commodity producers of the republic. Oftentimes the low efficiency of the commodity producers' activities is related to the non-professional organization and conduct of economic activity. Therefore, the range of services of the technical and technological centers includes everything a commodity producer might encounter: from drafting a business plan to the tool production services; from conducting marketing studies to the organization of training and retraining of workers and employees; from examination and patenting of new kinds of industrial goods and services, to their practical implementation; from the preparation and submitting of tax declarations to the annual audit. After the conclusion of the according contract, the technical and technological center of the appropriate level becomes a business partner of the manufacturer. In this partnership, the producer gets the opportunity to concentrate on producing high quality products. While his partner obtains the right to share not only his profits

but also the responsibility for the possible financial risks (scheme № 3).

Subdivisions of the republican industrial incubator should be, on the one hand, under the control of scientific and technical Boards of the relevant republican ministries. On the other hand, to ensure continuous connection of science with production, it is necessary for them to be under the GCMS NCFD control.

The number of technical and technological centers and the enterprises of specified competitive ability should be determined by expediency and volumes of needs of economy and population (scheme № 4).

The main elements of the innovation infrastructure of the Russian economy were created and continue to be created on the initiative of the state. Therefore, the desire of the republics to seek and conduct their own real attempts of getting out of the state subsidized through the creation and development of innovative infrastructure, will actually get financial help of the Federal Centre within the framework of creation of the special Fund of assistance reforming and development of the economy of the republics of the North Caucasus Federal district».

In case of positive results, expressed in a reduction in the magnitude of subsidies budget republics, a well-tested mechanism of reforming the industry and organizing Republican markets territorial facilities can be used for the implementation of the republics, territories and regions of other Federal Districts of Russia.

Владимир Мокий, Михаил Мокий
By Vladimir Mokiy, Mikhail Mokiy


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