The association of business, goodness and mercy

Ву your life and activity you should endeavor not to distress the surrounding people».
Haidar Haliullin

«ALMOST all of our childhood was spent on cruise ships, motor ships, launches, barges. We were always floating, waving our hands to those who left on the shore... Now, we recollect with nostalgia of that time when our father allowed us to hold the steering wheel or told different tales in the captain's cabin»,— Damir and Diana tell, looking through the childhood photo albums.

Being a romantic by nature, since his childhood Haidar Haliullin had dreamt to become the sea captain. Aspiring to his planned aim, firstly, he finished Kazan RiverTechnical College, and then graduated from Academy of Water Transport in Nizhny Novgorod. He was inspired by the work on river vessels: big ships, captain's cap and the wind to your back... Enviable fortune, romance. Tugboats, armoured military gunboats, high-capacity cargo boats — Haidar was lost in reveries of all of this since his childhood, imagining himself standing at the wheel, dashingly cutting river distances under the roar of the surf and squeal of the seagulls.

After all, Haidar Haliullin did not happen to become a captain of ships and the first part of his life he devoted to teaching at his native River Technical College. He taught draftsmanship, structure of vessels and ports, economics of water transport to young river transport workers. Almost every year he was a supervisor of swimming practical training for students on different ships. During his term at River Technical College he was a class teacher for three groups.

«I remember the time I was appointed a class teacher for the group where only girls were studying. There was only one female faculty at the College — Service Department where future traffic controllers of water transport studied. They all were 16-18years old. I was 24years and I used to get confused too much. I was their class teacher for 2 years»,— recalls Haidar Haliullin. And he even did not expect that he would meet his future spouse here, within the walls of riverTechnical College.

The students, whom Haidar Haliullin, strict but at the same time 'one of the boys', brought to graduation during his duty period at the technical college, stuck in his mind for long. «I still remember how we used to go with the students to excursions, and fish together. I was familiarizing them with their profession, teaching them to love it and work flat out while executing their duties. «А course you follow is much more important than your speed»,— addressed Haidar his students.

Haidar Haliullin had been occupied with teaching for 32 years.

Any field of activity for Haidar Haliullin is a passion, creativeness and hard diligence. «But anyway, the most important things in life are family and children,— says Haidar,— and the secrets of a family happiness are in mutual understanding, ability to smooth away sharp questions and, therefore, to create comfortable family interrelations».

In 1991 there came the wind of changes; our country turned itself to lines of the market economy. And Haidar, in parallel with his teaching at the river technical college, started up a business. The company «Course» could snatch the right for those times moment, having taken up training accountants and computer courses. Besides this, since 2002 the company «Course» started repairing and building work. On facing with multiple difficulties, Haidar Haliullin initiated the creation of the Association of small and medium enterprises «Taurus». While fighting for the rights of beginning entrepreneurs he learnt not to step back in front of difficulties. «People can reach success only with strong spirit»,— he used to repeat to himself and his children. He even managed to infect his like-minded persons with his credo. Today they are loyal fellows, reliable friends and business partners.

«Our father is a role model for us,— the children say. He is a very versatile man who likes sport: he has been in for hand-to-hand fight and karate, is fond of cycling, likes art, music of «The Beatles» time, likes drawing, sewing and cooking, even if he himself prefers vegetables and fish. It is truly said that a profession leaves its mark on a man».

The ability to unite people and lead the way was really useful for the ambitious businessman. In 1996 the Association numbered 5 organizations in its membership. In 2002 it turned to a republican integration and got a name The Association of small and medium business of the Republic of Tatarstan. Today the business-amalgamation numbers about 200 legal entities — members of the Association. «Most of all, I prefer optimism and good nature in people, that is why members of the Association are, first of all, ready to do good deeds, to help not only to friends but to the people around»,— says Haidar. Due to the qualitative personnel of the Association his director manages to keep the steering wheel firmly and confidently and continue to furrow the sea lands of business, obviating obstacles.

«Nowadays, only 7% of the Russians are engaged in entrepreneurship. And only 10% of the youth want to start up their own business, the rest prefers to work as officials. Russia takes one of the last lines in a rating (67th position out of 69) on number of people establishing new companies or leading them. Such data are presented in a yearly national report «Global monitor of entrepreneurship. Russia — 2013». We think that something should be done with this»,— says Haidar Haliullin.

The main problem is that the support Programs for small and medium business often have a local character, and, unfortunately, they are not unified into one clearly adjusted system. There are 10 different programs to support financially businessmen in Tatarstan. But in order to devise an effective state program on the federal government level there should not be too many of such programs and they should be balanced, clear, target oriented. Throughout many years the members of the Association have been initiators for different projects and offers on development and support of MSB, particularly on making all Federal Laws, decrees and orders systematic as a single national project. The business corps sincerely hopes that «The Roadmap» is a strategic document on developing MSP RT (the Republic of Tatarstan) for 2014-2016 which is devised considering businessmen's opinions along with the Ministry of Economy. The document is supposed to be a starting point, not a return point. The last autumn, on the Association members' initiative a monitoring of business climate and business activity was carried out in the municipal regions of Tatarstan. After 2008 such monitorings were not done. The Roadmap contains the results of the research, statistics and entrepreneurs' suggestions.

Taking all of such facts into consideration, the Association develops and broadens the scales of the regional work, brisks up the work of Entrepreneurs'Councils in cities and regions of RT. The task is to strengthen already existing and create new offices, for example, in Almetievsk, Zelenodolsk, Nurlat, Leninogorsk and others. The Association actively cooperates with almost all main agencies and business consolidations. And therefore it is presented in 28 public coordinating Councils, task groups, and includ¡ng 15 in Ministries and Agencies, 11 in social organizations, and also 12 in Entrepreneurs' Councils in the municipal districts.

«Nowadays,Tatarstan is realizing a lot of plans to develop MSB RT compared to other territories of Russia. There is a constructive cooperation between business and the Government. We are able to hear each other. The Ministry of Economy is an example of how certain steps are taken. We really hope that «The Roadmap» project will not remain on paper. It has been distributed to all representatives of the business communities and attendants of the main authority bodies in order to make additional amendments. Only after this it will be presented to the President of RT Rustam Minnihanov»,— says the head of the enterprises Association of MSB RT.

The business-alliance members share their ideas, projects, hopes and suggestions on different meetings and traditional business dinners. «We created such communication format by ourselves, although we heard that in western countries and the USA businessmen got used to meet at business-lunches to discuss their affairs. But we decided to adopt business-dinners,— says Haidar Haliullin,— and we have been following this tradition for 4 years by now».

For the last two years Haidar Haliullin has visited the United States of America twice. In June 2012 he was accepted by the Ministry of Trade of the USA for an internship and to share experience on issues of small and medium business development by the Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program. In a year after the successful trip, a group of businessmen and their families set out for a two week tour through California State. Some leaders of Tatarstan enterprises were also in the delegation. The tour program route: Los Angeles — Las Vegas — San Francisco included city sightseeing tours, famous museums, valleys and famous ghost cities. During this trip the Association managed to establish its office in San Francisco. By the way, the Association currently numbers 18 offices located in several regions of Russia, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the USA and the CIS countries.The USA houses two offices: in New York and San Francisco. «That was not an only joint excursion abroad — Haidar Haliullin adds,— 4 years ago we were in China. We went there by a small group. But we enjoyed it not less the previous one. The main thing in such trips that we have an opportunity to introduce the activity of our Association to our foreign colleagues. In Russia we already have a reputation of the most active and ambitious regional business alliance. Now, we have to fly the flag into other countries to inform as many as possible about us all over the world and we could speak with pride that the RT representatives of enterprises Association of small and medium business are presented in every of 250 world countries».

In April of this year a delegation from the Association is going to visit the USA again, but now its eastern part. And Haidar Haliullin is also planning to celebrate his anniversary birthday there.

«I am a deep-rooted tourist and I like to lead healthy lifestyle. I need motion to live and breathe with full breast. Motion is life!» — says Haidar.

The Association unites not only enterprising but farsighted, communicative and respectable managers and the main thing is aspiration

for intellectual, cultural and spiritual development. So, the activity of well-knit alliance of like-minded persons develops not only at work but during business trips. At the same time, the Association members do not forget about spiritual side of life.

The businessmen patronize orphanages and health resorts.They help Kazan Zoo-Botanical Garden and actively take part in community work days, lakes cleaning, organizing charity concerts and free tours to bathhouses for the Great Patriotic War veterans. Also the Association members do not stand aside from social problems that require humanitarian aid: the wreck of the cruise ship «Bulgaria» in the Volga River, the air disaster with the Boeing-737 at Kazan airport, flooding in Amur region... The Association members also provide financial aid to victims and families of the dead. Today in Tatarstan an act of charity of fund-raising to back citizens of the Crimea is being announced.

«This year, a charitable movement called «Kind Hearts of Business» was opened which unifies businessmen who wish to help the needy to overcome life obstacles. The special thing about this movement is in the direct connection between businessmen and the needy. A businessman provides a certain targeted help to a needy. And there is no any bank account for a businessman to wire the money. In addition, an objective database of the needy is created which includes registered information about fund-raising and misuse of funds. Any case is documented into the Chronicle of help of «Kind Hearts of Business» — that is, in some way, an overall register of actions. A registration of every help case in the Chronicle is necessary to popularize the movement according to the principle «If he was able to help, then I shall be able, too». The movement has to unite as many businessmen wishing to help people as possible! The aid can be quite different: money transfer, donation of things, clothes, food or home technics,— declared the President of the Association Haidar Haliullin. The first records have already appeared in the Chronicle of «good deeds». «Derbyishkinsky orphanage-boarding school for disabled children and the society for the disabled of the Republic of Tatarstan got a financial aid».

But in general, the Association members do not like to advertize their good deeds. And at the same time they understand that such things should be made public to set a good example for others.

There have been and are being created different committees and task groups within the Association for solving specific issues. For example, a Committee on personnel coordination is devised in terms of corporate culture. The aim of the Committee is to combine supply and demand for further contacts. In accordance with the Memorandum of the Association providing services among companies-members requires considerable accounts on the contract sum. And this is a nice stimuli to search for a contractor among the native Association lines. No doubt, some members successfully use each other's services unassisted, but the target is to make this work more effective and stable. Now, there are about 30 sectoral committees in the Association structure.

«For today, the Association is not the same as it was 12 years ago,— sums the talk up Haidar Haliullin.— We were glad when we had 20 members or 50. By now they are more than 200. It could be 1.5 thousand but we accept into our circle only on recommendations and, in general, legal entities. Besides, there are some cases when, judged on the final year analysis, we have to exclude some of the members because of breach of constitution tasks and code of ethics of our alliance. We need a qualitative membership. Accident people who join us not understanding the aim of their membership do not become like-minded persons and assistants. The Association presents different companies occupied in different business spheres: starting from legal counseling, accounting and informational services up to building, medicine and industry. Of course, the Association has already formed its backbone of the collective who I can always rely on and whose opinion I pay close attention to. This costs everything!»

And Haidar Haliullin has its own main guiding principle: «By your life and activity you should endeavor not to distress the surrounding people and community».

«Our father is a very well-read person,— his son and daughter say,— he likes philosophy, collects wisdoms of great people. He has a lot of his own wisdoms. Some of them are hung on his office walls. They are always in sight. The main thing is that he always follows them. Or you know how it goes sometimes: a person can speak studied phrases but cannot prove by his or her acts or just himself does not believe in them! Stay always such a cheerful, well-mannered and loving father! We wish you sound health!»

It should be noted that between the editorial staff of the «Golden Plaza» magazine and the enterprises Association of small and medium business in the Republic of Tatarstan has been developed friendly relations: the Association anthem words were written by a member of the editorial staff of magazine Suyunov Z.S. and sound so inspiring in the Association members'performing:

«...The Association is strong, strong as our hands.

We will always be the first, our work is the bail to this...»

The editorial staff of the «Golden Plaza» magazine headed by its founder Erkenov R. A. join with pleasure to congratulations to the address of a man whose jubilee is celebrated — the president of the Association Haidar Haliullin and wish him robust health, happiness, family wellbeing and prosperity in business!

Лия Гильмутдинова
By Liya Gilmutdinova


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