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In the middle of July 2014 the presentation of the international magazine of culture and business “Golden Plaza” was held in Moscow at the Central Children’s Library named after Arkady Gaidar.

The guests were welcomed in by Irina Nikolaevna Detkina - the chief of the Methodology Department of the A.Gaidar Library, and Lidiya Nikolaevna Stepanenko who had been at the head of the Library named after V.V.Veresaev for dozens of years.

The participants of the meeting were also greeted by Rashid Erkenov, the general director of the magazine, and chief in editor Bilyal Appaev, by the president of the international organization “Leaders of the World Community” and “Women of Our City” L.F.Gorchakova and S.I.Arskova, chief in editor of the magazine “Literature Meetings”, the representatives of the Ossetian diaspora I.M.Katkoiva and Zara Butaeva, and N.M.Kozlova, a teacher from Rostov-on-Don, and many others.

The history of the creation of the magazine, its aims and objectives were presented by E.Z. Kozdoba, member of the Moscow and National Union of Journalists, and International Organization of the Union of Journalists as well. She noted that the “Golden Plaza” magazine, having paper and web-site versions, is “a unique information tool for establishing and developing international and interregional business contacts, as well as for fruitful intercultural cooperation and strengthening personal relationships”.

The magazine is published in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages and attracts great masses of readers around the world to the actual life problems. For example, the last issue of the magazine was read by almost 15 million people of 40 countries. The exclusive articles of global scale and wide thematic aspects are winning over political actors, scientists, sociologists, philosophers, employees of cultural sphere and businessmen establishing their business within our country and abroad as well.

“Peace through culture” is the main and evident idea of the magazine. Each issue has articles for spiritual invigoration of nations, which tells about spiritual devotees who wish, without avoiding the necessity of material prosperity of nations, to strengthen, first of all, the spiritual might. “Golden Plaza” presents the most interesting aspects of life of different world nations in a many-sided way.
            Our meeting was also joined right from the board of the plane by Sandy Krolick, a scientist, Ph.D., the author of the much-talked-of narrative “Veronika” the passage from which was published in 6th issue of the magazine in 2014. He told about the work over the book and demonstrated the footage of his future movie.

And then, there was an event that could be called unique. For the first time in many years, a meeting of Chinese-Russian poetry took place. A poet, prose-writer, interpreter, and Ph.D. in philology, Professor of Nankai University Tsao Chzhunde read poems of the outstanding Chinese poets Go Mozho, Tsao Baohua and of his own in Chinese and Russian. Poets Yuliya Mamocheva, Maksimillian Potyemkin and Elizabeth Kozdoba read their own translations of Chinese authors in Russian and English and also their own poems. Composers and bards Oleg Fedorov and Dmitry Gryaznov performed songs based on Tsao Baohua’s and Tsao Chzhunde’s poems. Some Chinese students read works of Russian poets. And it was especially touching to hear M.Y. Lermontov’s poem “The Lonely White Sail.”

Zara Butaeva, a talented singer, sang Russian folk songs and arias from operas of the Russian composers. And a famous writer Sergey Sibirtsev, whose works were translated and published in China, spoke about the importance of creative contacts and mutual influence of the Chinese and Russian cultures.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of mass-media, different NGOs and administration.

Other presentations of the magazine were held at some Moscow libraries and on the radio channel “Russian home”. The anchor was a journalist and writer Dmitry Silkan.

Pavel Girin


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