Pyatigorsk state linguistic university celebrates its 75th anniversary

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No! Never dies anyone,

Whose life passed bright and untainted,

Whose unforgettable memory lives,

Placed firmly in the hearts of people.

                                                 / Lope de Vega /

 PSLU has a rich history that goes back to 1939 when by the solution of the National Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR Pyatigorsk Pedagogical College was transformed to the Teachers’ Training Institute with two-year terms and Pedagogical Institute with four-year terms.

For 75 years, the institute had 2 directors, 3 acting directors, 4 rectors and 1 acting rector. We will tell about those who made a powerful contribution to development of higher education institution.

pglu006Chekanov Vasily Tikhonovich was appointed as the director of PSPI in 1939. Several departments were established on the basic of the Institute: department of the Russian language and literature, Physics and Mathematics Department and the History Department, with two types of education: evening-time and part-time. The young institute had been located in one of the best buildings of Pyatigorsk – the former Krayispolkom, at the corner of Krainy and Oktyabrskaya Streets which then was destroyed during the war.

 In 1941 the Institute rented two small buildings: a building of the Palace of Pioneers on Sovetsky Avenue, 70 (nowadays Kirova, 68) and down Oktyabrskaya St, 38 where the teaching process was being carried on and the library, laboratory, classrooms and administrative facilities of the Institute were placed.

There came 1941... Within two years more than 107 students, 18 teachers and 18 employees of the Institute joined the Red Army. For the heroism in the days of the Great Patriotic War 60 employees of the Institute were decorated with orders and medals, 400 students were marked out by gratitude of regional committee of the All-Union Communist Party for the high-powered work practices on the fields of Stavropol Region. The main building of the Institute was re-equipped into a hospital on the first day of the war.

 In October of 1941 V. T. Chekanov was transferred to the city of Stavropol to a position of the secretary of Krayispolkom, the head of Krayono (Region Department of Peoples’ Education). The acting director of the Institute was appointed Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor Grigory Petrovich Bulatov who had worked in this position since December 26, 1941 until the Institute liquidation because of the fascist occupation of Pyatigorsk on August 7, 1942.

On 11th January, 1943 Pyatigorsk was liberated from the occupants and the reconstruction of the Institute began. Registration of pupils, general meeting of students, professors, teachers and staff of the Institute were declared. During the occupation laboratories, cabinets and the library had been severely destroyed. There were no visual aids, practically no equipment, everything had to be restored. Lectures were noted between lines of books and newspapers. In March 1943, newspapers reported that the Institute had resumed lessons. The acting directors of the Institute were Pyotr Andreevich Bryukhanov and Nikolay Nikitovich Fil. At the order of August 7, 1943 Rachiya Grigoryevich Sarents was appointed to the position of the Director, the Deputy Director for Academic and Scientific Work became Professor Vsevolod Aleksandrovich Vasilyev.

pglu007Sarents Rachiya Grigoryevich was a person who devoted nearly a quarter of a century of his bright life to Pyatigorsk State Pedagogical Institute, subsequently to the State Institute of Foreign Languages, and nowadays – to Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, the Director of PSPI and the Rector of PSPIFL (1943-1967), the outstanding scientist.

Before heading the Institute, Rachiya Grigoryevich passed a long life path. After the graduation from the Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy, he became the head of a sector of Narkomvneshtorg (Peoples’ Committee of Foreign Trade) of the USSR. Having graduated from the Institute of Red Professors, he started to work as a head of the sub-Department of Political Economics and Marxism-Leninism courses at the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) Central Committee at Frunze General Staff Academy, then at Kuibyshev University and at the same time he was in charge of the Post-graduate school of Political Economy in Lomonosov Moscow State University. Soon his knowledge and experience were useful for another great post – the head of Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Armenia. And since 1938 he had worked as a secretary of the Stavropol regional Committee of the Party and the editor of the “Stavropolskaya Pravda” newspaper.

During the Great Patriotic War Rachiya Grigoryevich Sarents on the instructions of the regional committee of the Party was to publish a special newspaper for the occupied areas, and, also, he printed and sent propaganda literature, leaflets and proclamations to the back areas of the enemy. He was one of the guerrilla forces leaders in the northern areas of Stavropol Krai who participated in restoration of the Soviet power in some Krai territories freed from fascists.

Since August, 1943 he was appointed the Director of Pyatigorsk State Pedagogical Institute. Those years were nice in the history of the Institute.   In 1949 R. G. Sarents defended his Ph.D in Economics. In a year he was conferred a title of Associate Professor and he was elected as the head of the sub-Department of Political Economy. In 1961 the Pyatigorsk Pedagogical Institute, thanks to Sarents, from the Institution of the general profile was transformed into State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, and began to achieve new success. In the Ministry of Education, Pyatigorsk Pedagogical Institute was called "Sarents's Academy" for many reasons, in particular, because many rectors of Russian universities appeared out of his wing.

 A quarter of a century, when R. G. Sarents directed the Institute, was a time of steady growth: he managed to expand the auditorium fund of the Institute, to build rooms for the library, phonetic classrooms; also the scientific laboratory on problems of improvement methods of oral speech training with a use of sound technical means was created. During heading the Institute Rachiya Grigoryevich paid huge attention to restoration in post-war time of the institute destroyed by invaders, its facilities. Rachiya Grigoryevich's big merit was in opening of the Spanish Department. Students always had been the main care of the Rector. The student's dormitory and gymnasium were constructed, financial help was given; outstanding students were granted Rachiya Grigoryevich Sarents died on January 18, 1967. But for the short life he managed to make a lot of things that till today successfully serve the University, the base of which was put in his time. It has been developed and strengthened by his students and followers.

With firm step, walking into the future, PSLU carefully keeps memory of such people as Rachiya Grigoryevich Sarents who made a worthy contribution to development and improvement of the Institute, laid the foundation of its brilliant future.


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