Roads of war to Berlin

Enemies got so close to Moscow. Rude, furious, disgusting, they killed everyone in their path – the elderly, children, women. This further strengthened the Soviet soldiers’ hatred of the enemy. And therefore each soldier taking part in fights near Moscow those days swore to himself: not only to stop the enemy approach to Moscow, but to drive them away. And we fulfilled that oath. A great number of people died, both our soldiers and the enemy, and lots of equipment was lost. I hadn’t had any wounds before that. But here, near Moscow, I was wounded in the left side of my chest by shrapnel from a German shell.

‘I took this fragment from your wound.’ With these words the doctor showed me a piece of metal. I was a machine gunner. Before getting the wound, I put so many fascists to death. ‘To the last drop of our blood,’ – that’s how we fought the fascists. We didn't know the meaning of fear. To tell you the truth, our soldiers were badly armed during the first years of the war. But later, especially when there were Katyushas (rocket launchers), the enemy couldn't put up fitting resistance to our soldiers any more.

I think that battle of Moscow was of great importance. If all of us hadn’t showed courage and determination there, there would have been no Victory…”

Ismail Izhayev took part in breaking the Siege of Leningrad, and in the battle for Stalingrad. He remembers well the fights for Novorossiysk. And the road of war for Ismail ended in Berlin.

“Each of my awards is precious for me,” says Ismail. “After all, I got each of them at the price of my own blood. But the award of the Great Patriotic War of the 2nd degree is especially dear to me. I don't remember precisely where that fight was. We were in the trenches when suddenly enemy tanks and infantry forces swept down on us. We thought that was the end; the fascists would kill all of us there. But Allah is great, He granted us strength, gave us spirit and courage. No one ran, no one retreated, we fought the enemies for a long time. I shot from a machine gun, and killed a great number of enemies. My Russian friend who was next to me shot down 3 or 4 tanks. And the Nazis understood that they could do nothing to us; they stopped the attack and retreated. And at that time, it turns out, other forces of our army were approaching to aid us, and they attacked the enemy from the other side. And so we invigorated with hope went on the attack. And we completely crushed the enemy in that battle.”


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